DC-Air™ by Freedom Technologies Group

The wireless intraoral sensor that improves imaging for patients & providers.

Wireless Intraoral X-Ray Sensor | Highest Resolution | Most Comfortable | Most Durable

DC-Air™ Wireless X-Ray Sensor Kit

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Experience the benefits of our wireless dental x-ray sensor in your own practice with a full day of free clinical use and then two weeks of satisfaction guarantee after purchase.

DC-Air™ Delivers

DC-Air™ is a wireless dental x-ray sensor with direct conversion x-ray technology, revolutionizing the way intraoral x-ray images are delivered.

Convenience of True Wireless®

DC-Air™ is the only dental x-ray sensor to adopt the latest Bluetooth® technology standards for rapid and reliable image transmission, eliminating the number one point of failure associated with other sensors: the wire.

Crystal-Clear Radiographs

DC-Air converts x-rays directly into an electronic signal (direct-conversion); a technology that provides greater native sharpness vs. other sensors that must convert x-rays to visible light before creating an image.

Unbeatable Patient Comfort

DC-Air™ has an ultra-slim wireless profile of just 5.4mm to make it more comfortable with any holder system. Our Zero Profile® holder system further enhances patient comfort by minimizing additional bulk in the mouth.

Durable Homogenous Construction

Our dental x-ray sensor is constructed with a sturdy casing and homogenous internal components. It is more durable than conventional sensors which include glass plates and other fragile components. It has an IP67 water resistance to easily endure the rigors of daily use.

DC-Air™ wireless dental x-ray sensor.

The New Generation of Digital Radiography

With DC-Air™, you will:

  • Enjoy clearer, more diagnostic presentation of anatomical structures and pathology from your clinical radiographs.
  •  Enhance patient comfort and experience during radiographic imaging exams
  • Eliminate cable mess and gain the benefits of convenient wireless positioning

Beautiful Images

Direct Conversion

Even your patients will notice the striking clarity of DC-Air™ direct conversion imaging technology. Our expert clinical team assists your team in finding the perfect settings for consistently clear radiographic images.


At FTG Imaging, we provide state-of-the-art dental solutions with our revolutionary digital dental sensors. Designed to ensure patient comfort and streamlined imaging, our wireless intraoral sensor sets a new standard in dental diagnostic technology. The sensor champions seamless integration, extraordinary image quality, and unparalleled efficiency. Adopt wireless intraoral sensors in your dental imaging processes to enhance patient care and optimize your workflow.


Premolar bitewing acquired with the DC-Air™ wireless x-ray sensor with magnified area of interproximal decay.

What Our Doctors Say

We have been using the sensors for about 6 months now and we have been very pleased. The customer service with FTG has been amazing. The software is very user friendly, and the image clarity is pristine. We highly recommend.

Dorsey W. Baker, D.D.S.

As a huge tech geek, there is no compromise in resolution or diagnostic value with the wireless technology using their sensors. In fact, it’s so much better than phosphor plates, dexis titanium and gendex sensors I’ve used at other offices.

There’s no way I’m going back to another sensor. And no reason to because their level of customer service keeps my loyalty to them.

Alice Hoang, D.M.D.

FTG has not only provided a ground-breaking wireless digital sensor but amazing support throughout the trial period and thereafter. Luke and Reese are seasoned veterans who could not be more knowledgable and helpful. This is a case where being an early adopter has been a great success!

Alfred Roseroot, D.M.D.

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