DC-Air™ Wireless X-Ray Sensor

Dental Sensor Specifications

DC-Air™ brings revolutionary direct conversion and wireless technology to dental x-ray sensors.

The DC-Air™ is built with internally homogenous silicon (Si) construction.

From “Fragile Sandwich” to “Internally Homogenous”— the Magic of Silicon

Direct conversion refers to the ability of a radiographic imager to convert x-ray signal to electronic input used to produce the image. Conventional digital sensors must first convert high energy x-ray photons to lower energy photons on the visible light spectrum before the detector inside can provide electronic input.

To accomplish the conversion to light, conventional sensors use a layer of material called a scintillator. Converted light photons are then filtered through an optical fiber plate (essentially a layer of glass). This conversion process not only causes distortion in the resulting image, but the components involved are extremely fragile and make the sensor prone to breaking from even a short drop off the counter or out of the hand.

DC-Air™ replaces the scintillator and optical plate layers with a direct silicon (Si) semiconductor substrate which is homogenous in nature to the sensor’s CMOS integrated circuit. This revolutionary technology is what gives DC-Air™ its distinctly accurate image quality and superior durability vs. other “top” sensors.


DC-Air™ Sensor Specifications

DetectorSingle Crystal Direct Conversion Silicon / CMOS
Pixel Physical Size26μm
Recommended Exposure Parameters70kV, 6-8ma, 120-320ms
Active Area35.1mm x 24.7mm
Pixel resolution12 bits
Number of Pixels1,249,920
MTF>70% @ 5lp/mm, >40% @ 10lp/mm
Sensor Mode of OperationGlobal Shutter
TriggeringAutomatic on X-ray Start
Storage RAM4 MB
Images in RAM1 Image
Rangeup to 3m
Images per Charge Cycle150+
Sensor Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Sensor Battery Capacity19mAH

Dentist Designed Zero Profile® Alignment System

*DC-Air™ is also compatible with any Size 2 sensor holder / alignment system.




The DC-Air™’ bitewing holder is perfectly suited for acquiring molar and canine bitewing images with Zero Profile® holders that make adjusting the sensor’s position a quick and convenient process. 



The DC-Air™ anterior holder has been designed to accommodate a broad range of oral shapes and sizes for beautiful upper or lower anterior PAs.



The DC-Air™ posterior holder is optimized for upper and lower posterior PAs on either side of the mouth with dual Zero Profile® holder rings for simple adjustment mesially or distally.



The DC-Air™ endodontic holder makes acquiring intraoral radiographs a breeze during an endodontic procedure or implant surgery. The paddle design provides easy access to the region of interest. 

The dental sensor specifications highlight how replacing fragile components with a direct silicon semiconductor substrate enhances performance. You can anticipate achieving over 70 percent contrast at a spatial frequency of 5 line pairs per millimeter (lp/mm) and over 40 percent contrast at 10 lp/mm. The accurate depiction of small structures and details in the mouth aids in making precise diagnoses and treatment plans.

You can also review the dental sensor specifications for more insight into how the DC-Air™ can enhance efficiency and productivity. Our digital dental X-ray sensor captures over 150 images per charge cycle, allowing dentists to conduct more patient examinations without interruptions.

DC-Air™ is available in Blue and Black encapsulation colors.

Docking Station

The docking station completes the wireless workflow for your modern dental practice.

Eliminate USB Wear

USB cables are really meant for devices like printers and speakers that plug in once and stay connected. That’s why things like sensor cables and cell phone chargers break so often: the constant wear from unplugging and reconnecting, bending and moving. The DC-Air™ docking station acts as the home base for the sensor on the counter, eliminating any USB plugging or movement to move the wireless DC-Air™ sensor to a different room.

Secure Connection

The wireless channel of communication between the sensor and the docking station is FDA and FCC cleared for security and reliability. The wireless communication of image data is protected by the latest Bluetooth® encryption and minimizes the exchange of PHI over the wireless link.

Smart Charging Features

The DC-Air™ docking station intelligently monitors the wireless x-ray sensor’s battery health to optimize charge and longevity. The replaceable lithium ion battery is rated for a 5-year life and thousands of charge cycles.

Keep Your Software | Add Our Features

DC-Air™ provides useful features completely new to digital dentistry including automatic image backup.

DC-Air™ integrates with any TWAIN-enabled dental imaging software including:


The DC-Air™ wireless x-ray sensor integrates with DTX Studio.

& Many More!

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