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Free your patients and practice from the hassle of a wire, poor diagnostic image quality, and expensive breakage. Upgrade to DC-Air™ for as low as $185 / mo. with our current financing specials.

*Financing offers subject to lender approval.

Award-Winning DC-Air™ Dental X-Ray Sensor.

DC-Air™ Makes Amazing Easy

Our team is happy to provide a complete plan for integration with your practice’s environment and expert support to make the upgrade seamless. 



How It Works

Free Consultation

Submit your info or contact us to receive a customized proposal for your practice, with or without sensor trade-ins. 

Try Before You Buy

Have one DC-Air™ sensor installed in your practice to see the difference for yourself— only pay when you want to keep it.

Satisfaction Guarantee

DC-Air™ includes a full two-week Clinical Satisfaction Guarantee for additional assurance during implementation. 

DC-Air™ Delivers

Convenience of True Wireless®

DC-Air™ is the only dental x-ray sensor to adopt the latest Bluetooth® technology standards for rapid and reliable image transmission, eliminating the number one point of failure associated with other sensors: the wire.

Crystal-Clear Radiographs

DC-Air converts x-rays directly into an electronic signal (direct-conversion); a technology that provides greater native sharpness vs. other sensors that must convert x-rays to visible light before creating an image.

Unbeatable Patient Comfort

DC-Air™ has an ultra-slim wireless profile of just 5.4mm to make it more comfortable with any holder system. Our Zero Profile® holder system further enhances patient comfort by minimizing additional bulk in the mouth.

Durable Homogenous Construction

Our dental x-ray sensor is constructed with a sturdy casing and homogenous internal components. It is more durable than conventional sensors which include glass plates and other fragile components. It has an IP67 water resistance to easily endure the rigors of daily use.

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FTG Imaging

In 2021, we introduced dentistry to the first True Wireless® direct conversion radiography system— DC-Air™. We look forward to being a value-add imaging partner to your practice. 

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