Zero Profile® DC-Air™ Complete Holder Set

Zero Profile® DC-Air™ Complete Holder Set


The complete DC-Air™ holder kit with everything you need for optimal positioning of intraoral images:

  • Anterior Holder
  • Posterior Holder
  • Bitewing Holder
  • Endodontic Holder
  • Occlusal Sleeve
  • 45mm Positioning Bar
  • 60mm Positioning Bar
  • 75mm Positioning Bar
  • Positioning Ring

Our Zero Profile® holders are top shelf autoclavable, ultra-comfortable, and offer multiple positioning options for the perfect shot.

Designed specifically for dental health professionals, the Zero Profile® DC-Air™ complete holder set revolutionizes intraoral imaging with its innovative features. Each aspect of this digital sensor holder kit ensures precision and ease of use, culminating in a more comfortable experience for both the dentist and the patient. The anterior and posterior holders facilitate accurate positioning for essential diagnostic images, while the bitewing holder simplifies the process of capturing standard views. The inclusion of an endodontic holder and occlusal sleeve expands the utility of the kit, allowing for specialized imaging tasks.

Each positioning bar and ring meets a variety of clinical needs, ensuring versatility across dental practices. Autoclavabilty is a top concern for hygiene, and the Zero Profile® holders meet stringent sterilization standards, promising durability and reliability. This comprehensive package embodies a blend of functionality and innovation, streamlining the workflow for dental professionals aiming for perfection in their diagnostic imaging.