Zero Profile® Occlusal Sensor Sleeve (3pk)

Zero Profile® Occlusal Sensor Sleeve (3pk)


*Item includes 3 individual holders

The DC-Air™ occlusal sensor sleeve protects the sensor in the mouth during acquisition of occlusal radiographs. (DC-Air™ sensor not included).

Protect your digital X-ray sensors with a custom designed Zero Profile® Occlusal Sensor Sleeve (3pk). The hygienic barrier safeguards against cross-contamination between patients. The digital x-ray sensor holder maintains the device’s ultra-slim profile and allows for optimal placement and comfort while capturing occlusal images. Easy application and removal streamline the imaging process, reducing turnaround time and optimizing clinical workflow.

The secure fit of the x-ray holder for digital sensors helps your practice maintain hygiene standards while using the best in dental imaging technology. Digital x-ray sensor holder protect sensitive equipment from fluids, impacts, and abrasion, prolonging the lifetime of your investment. Complement the performance and durability of your DC-Air™ sensor with the Zero Profile® Occlusal Sensor Sleeve (3pk).