DC-Air™ Wireless X-Ray Sensor

DC-Air™ Wireless X-Ray Sensor


DC-Air™ is the world’s first Bluetooth® wireless dental x-ray sensor also introducing game-changing direct-conversion x-ray technology. DC-Air™ brings your image quality to new level while creating a more comfortable and convenient acquisition process for the patient and clinician alike. Elimination of fragile internal components and the USB tether to the PC make DC-Air™ a more robust and durable solution for digital radiography.

The direct conversion layer in the DC-Air™ wireless X-ray sensor works by directly converting X-ray photons into electrical signals, eliminating the need for an intermediate stage that converts radiation to light. This process results in a significant increase in image sharpness and detail, making it easier to observe dental structures.

The DC-Air™ wireless X-ray sensor’s design simplifies positioning in the patient’s mouth. Better sensor positioning minimizes the chances of retakes due to misalignment, contributing to a more efficient workflow.

Wires make dental X-ray sensors more vulnerable to damage, which is why wireless dental X-ray sensors boast superior durability compared to traditional equipment. By eliminating the wire, your dental practice will save money on costly replacements.

Upgrade to clearer images, uncomplicated X-ray processes, and greater patient comfort with the DC-Air™ wireless sensor. Request a quote or demo with us today.

End of Year Special: Each DC-Air Sensor includes one free DC-Air™ Docking Station and Zero Profile® Holder Kit.

Sensor Specifications:

  • X-Rays per Recharge Cycle (continuous use): 150+
  • Range: up to 3m
  • Number of Images in RAM: 1 ImageStorage
  • RAM: 4 MB
  • Triggering: Automatic on X-Ray Start
  • Sensor mode of operation: Global Shutter
  • MTF: >70% @ 5lp/mm, >40% @10lp/mmNumber of
  • Pixels:1,249,920
  • Pixel resolution: 12 bits
  • Active Area: 35.1mm x 24.7mm
  • Exposure parameters: 0.08-1s, 65-70kV, 2-10mA
  • Pixel physical size: 26um
  • Detector: Single Crystal Direct Conversion Silicon/CMOS
DC-Air™ includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty plus 1st-year included Supplemental Protection Plan: unlimited expert training and technical support + $3999 deductible option for overnight sensor replacement in event of accidental damage or loss.  (1) Sensor license for unlimited use with multiple PCs is included with each DC-Air™ sensor.