Zero Profile® Bitewing Sensor Holder (3pk)

Zero Profile® Bitewing Sensor Holder (3pk)


*Item includes 3 individual holders

The DC-Air™ bitewing holder is perfectly suited for acquiring posterior and anterior bitewing images with Zero Profile® ring holders that make adjusting the sensor’s position a quick and convenient process.

Expand your dental imaging capabilities with FTG Imaging’s bitewing sensor holder. Correct positioning provides optimal imaging results, and the sensor holder’s design makes adjustments easy. Reposition the sensor for accurate alignment with the X-ray beam to capture clear images of the patient’s teeth and surrounding structures.

The Zero Profile® bitewing sensor holder (3pk) also minimizes retakes by enhancing patient comfort. The discomfort experienced by patients using traditional bitewing holders can lead to movement and misalignment, resulting in unclear or inaccurate images. In contrast, a low-profile bitewing sensor holder is easier for the patient to keep in place, reducing the need for retakes.

Efficient imaging improves workflow efficiency, supports diagnostic care, and enhances patient comfort. The Zero Profile® bitewing sensor holder (3pk) maximizes the functionality of your digital sensors, making it a prudent addition to any dental practice’s imaging equipment.

Easy-to-use, durable, and comfortable bitewing holders simplify the process of capturing comprehensive visual data, enabling more efficient diagnosis and treatment planning. Order bitewing sensor holders for your dental clinic and enjoy superior image quality and simplified imaging procedures.