Zero Profile® Endodontic Sensor Holder (3pk)

Zero Profile® Endodontic Sensor Holder (3pk)


*Item includes 3 individual holders

The DC-Air™ endodontic sensor holder makes acquiring intraoral radiographs a breeze in situations where the patient cannot hold a positioner in place with their occlusion, e.g. during an endodontic procedure or during an implant surgery. Couple the texture-gripped handle with the wireless design of DC-Air™, and you get easy access to the tooth or teeth you need to image.

Get accurate dental images with ergonomic endodontic sensor holders. Patients often find it challenging to hold traditional imaging tools in place, and incorrect positioning can lead to blurred images, often requiring multiple takes and extending the procedure time. Equip your practice with DC-Air endodontic sensor holders to efficiently diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases and injuries of the dental pulp or nerve of the tooth.